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See my blogpost “Battlefield Commission,” 1/14/19 BS (Before Shutdown). I’d said that STJ Daniel A (“Yuda”) Guy’s order, when issued, “may not embody today’s developments as they may then be moot.”

Well, trust STJ Yuda. He makes sure that his read of Rule 24(a)(4) got into the record books today in Gerald [should be “Gerard”] J. McEnroe & Regina McEnroe, 7381-18S, filed 2/1/19.

“…his attorney, Dennis Houdek, appeared and requested that the Court specially recognize Mr. Houdek as counsel for petitioners. The Court granted that request pending Mr. Houdek’s submission of an application for admission to the Tax Court bar and his admission thereto.” Order, at p. 1.

Good job, STJ Yuda.


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