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I’m certain y’all will recollect Old Bill Wise, distinguished Chicago attorney and old technophobe. No? How evanescent is the bubble reputation, even when it isn’t in the cannon’s mouth. It’s Friday, it’s hot, so check out my blogpost “(Old) Technophobes, Rejoice,” 12/18/13.

Old Bill Wise is currently involved in the Chicago Tribune case, which is way too big for me, who am “only a general practitioner with very limited experience and mediocre qualifications” to blog.

But Old Bill Wise is going to bat for Laidlaw’s Harley Davidson Sales, Inc., Docket No. 14616-14L, filed 8/17/18. Notwithstanding some recent bad press for Harley-Davidson, Old Bill Wise wants in as amicus curiæ.

IRS objects, but Judge David Gustafson, obliging to young and old, technophilic and technophobic alike, doesn’t even mention what IRS’ objections might be, but welcomes Old Bill Wise’s interjections.

Of course, Laidlaw’s Harley Davidson Sales, Inc., can reply, and IRS’ can sur-reply, taking on both Laidlaw and The Tribune.

For the backstory on Laidlaw’s Harley Davidson Sales, Inc., see my blogposts “SOL On SOL?”10/16/15, “Obliging, Toujours Obliging,” 1/3/18, and “Obliging Gets Results,” 1/13/18.

Interestingly, I see no motion by Old Bill Wise to file on paper. He must be a quick study.

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