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I’ve quoted the late Professor Richard C. Blakeslee’s famous song as regards conduits, but today I quote it to show the obliging nature of that Obliging Jurist, Judge David Gustafson.

At times too numerous and voluminous for me to catalogue here, I chronicled that he’d write your papers for you, mark opposing pleadings so you can prepare your response to IRS’ summary J motion (see Northside Carting, Inc., Docket No. 1117-18L, filed 8/10/18; Judge Gustafson took me back to my salad days fifty years ago, when we’d mark opposing pleadings to attach to summary J motions to make life easy for the judge), try your case in the slammer where you dwelt, bring coffee and Krispy Cremes to calendar call, and even feed the parking meter as the clerk called names.

Now today IRS thinks that their face-off with Dale Brewer, Docket No. 12223-17, filed 8/10/18, adjourned from February’s Boston trial schedule, is about to settle.

Judge Gustafson, who kept jurisdiction, is well-pleased.

But, just in case, “…it so happens that the undersigned judge is scheduled to preside at a trial session in Boson [sic] beginning in about 9 weeks on October 15, 2018.” Order, at p. 1.

So if they need a trial, Judge Gustafson is there to help, even though he’s only passing through.

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