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And his fate is still unlearned, as His Honor Big Julie, hereinafter and elsewhere sometimes referred to as His Honor Judge Julian I Jacobs, and sometimes herein and elsewhere also referred to as HHBJJJIJ, embeds Ab’s tale in a hearing transcript unavailable online, and does not further enlighten us on the whereabouts of Aboubacar Camara, Docket No. 15727-15, filed 6/6/18.

You remember Ab, of course, and his spouse Fanta. No? Then see my blogpost “Stole Away! So Ho!” 11/27/17, when I made Ab 5 to 2 in my desultory, on-and-off, no-prize, Taishoff best excuse sweepstakes.

Ab’s missing travel documents (and mayhap some other unexplained problems) kept Ab offshore, and unable to show up for trial. Back last year, even that Obliging Jurist Judge David Gustafson lost patience with Ab and handed him off to the general docket.

Well, Ab drew HHBJJJIJ, and didn’t show up this past Monday either. Fan was there, but what tale she told, if any, HHBJJJIJ saith not, but I make it even money Ab hadn’t yet returned. IRS moved to toss.

HHBJJJIJ obliged, and tossed Ab’s petition, throwing in two years’ and $40K worth of deficiencies, additions and chops.

So the immortal words of Jacqueline Steiner and Bess Lomax Hawes (she of the great folksong family) from 69 (count’ em, 69) years ago echo in United States Tax Court.

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