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The second is counting someone else’s money for them. The third, at least for us attorneys, is second-guessing another attorney’s litigating strategy.

It’s so much fun that I did so today, in another online venue, and in a non-tax matter that has received considerable attention in political circles. It’s like eating peanuts; only the strongest can stop at one.

So I bow to my weakness and hereby second-guess the distinguished practitioners who represent Celia Mazzei, et al., Docket No. 16702-09, filed 5/24/18.

All y’all (just booked our tickets for the semi-annual flight to The Magnolia City to see our nearest and dearest) must remember Celia and the et als, no?

What, no? Well, see my blogposts “Foolish Consistency – Redivivus,” 4/1/14, “Caligula in Tax Court?” 3/5/18, and “Substance vs Smell,” 4/19/18.

So my second guess has to do with the reconsideration or vacation motions, both of which are rejected by ex-Ch J Michael B (“Iron Mike”) Thornton.

Ex-Ch J Iron Mike patiently wades through a new legal theory (raised for the first time in this Rules 161 and 162 motion), and petitioner’s strongest point (Congress intended that foreign sales corporation money should be directly-guided largesse to its shareholders, who should face no tax consequence whatever), and the 1 Cir and 6 Cir glosses, and 2 Cir (but concludes that since this case is Golzenized to 9 Cir, who cares?).

And of course denies the motion. You can read it for yourselves.

Now for the second guess. Unless the client is trying to save money and says “go for it!”, notwithstanding that most reconsiderations and vacations are losers, I say it is  better to take an appeal directly. CCAs don’t worry about Golsen. Tax Court has put the slug on Roth-stuffing by DISCs and FSCs consistently; the CCAs seem to be more sympathetic.


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