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No, this is not about yesteryears’ TV performers waxing comfortably stout in the wallet as their ancient epics fill the midnight streamings of the exotic entertainment providers. This is about the residual exception to hearsay in FRE 807.

Now where would one encounter this catch-all? Well, one might guess when a party is trying to wild-card an otherwise inadmissible statement into evidence, hasn’t got anything better, and the judge is leaning toward that party’s case anyway.

And in Tax Court, that has to be the Section 6751(b) Boss Hoss sign-off, the flavor de l’année post-Graev. All manner of Civil Penalty Approval Forms (CPAF) made their appearance in record reopeners, as the silt-stir predicted by Judge Holmes (see my blogpost “Stir, Baby, Stir – That Silt,” 12/20/17) shifts into overdrive with the afterburners cutting in.

Judge Ashford goes off here on Nikta Fatemeh Abdolrahim & Melvin Collins, 9650-14, filed 4/25/18. Each of them and both of them have tax problems, but Mel is looking at some Section 6663 75% fraud chops. And when they tried their cases back in 2015, neither Mel nor Nik nor IRS mentioned Section 6751(b).

But the RA who proposed chopping Mel testified on the trial, although the CPAF, allegedly duly signed by the RA’s immediate supervisor, never made it into the record.

Mel & Nik object that they never got a chance to challenge the CPAF. But they can’t tell Judge Ashford what evidence they would adduce now to challenge it.

Mel “…seemed only to question the authenticity of the Civil Penalty Approval Form, stating that he thought the form was recently signed and that there were undated handwritten notations on it. The form, however, clearly shows that it was signed on October 21, 2013, several months before the January 23, 2014, notice of deficiency was issued to petitioners, and the handwritten notations (which are below the signature and date line of the form) confirm the assertion of the section 6663 penalties and the section 6651 additions to tax for 2009 and 2010. Similar to their written objection, at no point during the [Court’s phoneathon] did petitioners identify any particular testimony they would wish to elicit from either Mr. [RA] or Mr. [Boss Hoss], or suggest any other additional evidence they would like to proffer.” Order, at p. 4. (Names omitted).

So Mel & Nik got enough advance warning to satisfy Judge Ashford that they got sufficient FRE 902(11) heads-up. And though the CPAF stumbles at the FRE 803 barrier, it recovers enough to jump the FRE 807 residual fence.

Read this designated hitter, practitioner. Think carefully: what might you proffer to avoid the chops hitting Mel, when aimed at your clients?

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