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No, neither Sam’l T. Coleridge’s “grey-beard loon” nor a certain first baseman, now deceased, known as “The Man With the Iron Glove,” for he also “stoppeth one of three” hit to him. Today it’s The Great Dissenter/Concurrer, a/k/a The Judge Who Writes Like a Human Being, Old China Hand and Master Silt Stirrer, Judge Mark V. Holmes (and, I must add, a delightful dinner companion; the walls at the Wright Ballroom echoed with our laughter), telling the sad tale of Lisa M. Brigulio & James M. Murray, Docket No. 11087-12, filed 4/6/18.

There are three conjoined cases, but this one is Lisa’s sad tale, as she’s the sole petitioner. She loved not wisely but too well; James turned out to be a wrong ‘un.

“…she was married to petitioner Murray for only a little over three years and during that time filed joint returns for [two of those years]. She did not know that he was a white-collar criminal whose nefarious schemes were producing a large amount of income which he did not report on their returns. And none of the adjustment items on the notice of deficiency are allocated to her under I.R.C. § 6015(d). Ms. Brigulio established these facts by serving her former husband with requests for admission, to which he did not respond. See Tax Court Rules 90(c) and (f).

“Toward the end of the marriage, Mr. Murray fled to Monaco. He was arrested while trying to return,  and has since been convicted of several counts of wire fraud and aggravated identity theft. He is currently imprisoned. “ Order, at p. 1.

James obviously has other things on his mind than Tax Court Rules 90(c) and (f).

Lisa got innocent spousery summary J. But she’s still joined at the petition with James on a couple other cases (it is Judge Holmes’ case, after all).

Lisa should follow the advice of my daughters’ dear childhood friend, and get out, but Judge Holmes forgot to remind her about Siewert.

Even I didn’t blog the Siewert order of 9/15/15, to which Judge Holmes refers. When I blogged Siewert it was back on 6/1/15. See my blogpost “To Bifurcate or Not to Bifurcate – That Is the Question.”

Judge Homes held a phoneathon with IRS and Lisa, but forgot to tell Lisa about how Teresa Siewert bailed.

So Judge Holmes gave us a designated hitter, to help Lisa “stoppeth one of three.”

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