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Today ex-Ch J Michael B (“Iron Mike”) Thornton grapples with an Emmenthaler administrative record (that’s the cheese with all those holes), multiple tax returns for the same year, an account transcript showing “$0,” an OIC-DATL IRS admits they got, with a Form 433-A to match, and documents without authenticating affidavits from both sides.

Ex-Ch J Iron Mike, exhibiting patience worthy of a professor reading essays from law students only vaguely aware of the subject matter but desperately in need of what we called a “hook-minoo” on The Hill Far Above, gently suggests as follows.

“We will give the parties an opportunity to supplement their motion and opposition to bring them into compliance with the Court’s Rules.” Order, at p. 3.

There follows four (count ‘em, four) pages of How To Do It, supplementing the two previous pages.

The case is Eddie Booker, Docket No. 27354-16L, filed 4/4/18.

To avoid embarrassing counsel, I’ll not quote ex-Ch J Iron Mike’s remonstrances.

But I advise counsel to read the order, and to mark, learn and inwardly digest the same, lest they, too, fail to get the “hook minoo.”

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