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I was writing yesterday, 4/2/18, about what I thought was a new dodge, ploy or gambit. See my blogpost “A New Gambit?” 4/2/18.

It seems the gambiteers, if such indeed they are, were willing to stump up the sixty bucks, as their petitions weren’t tossed for nonpayment.

But here’s one who isn’t, and I find it inexplicable.

Crae Robert Pease, Docket No. 21854-17, filed 4/3/18, only wanted 1997 through and including 2016; he didn’t petition for a year presumptively still not concluded.

Why waste time with a petition for twenty (count ‘em, twenty) years of SNODs and NODs, and then fold when it’s time to ante up? Maybe he thought he’d get an answer for free.

What am I missing?

Edited to add, 12/12/20: He didn’t pay. 



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