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Returning from the elevated discussions of argute points of law by argute judges and practitioners, the gratifying comments of readers of this my blog, and the good fellowship everywhere manifest at Tango Charley Juliet, first I wish all participants thereat, and all my readers, the very best wishes for this holiday season.

Thanks to the friendly citizens of Chicago who directed my hapless footsteps between The Busiest Airport, the CTA, the Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law (and its genial faculty and staff members) and the hotel. And of course the Tax Court Judges and staff who worked so hard to make the Conference a great success.

Alas, now back to the daily grind.

Not much coming out of The Glasshouse today, except an example of total lack of jurisdiction too good to pass up.

Morei, Inc., Docket No. 13770-16, filed 3/29/18, gets sent off by ex-Ch J Michael B (“Iron Mike”) Thornton. Ex-Ch Judge Iron Mike has no need of a dictionary here, nor is any fine point of law anywhere to be found.

Morei’s petition was signed by a disbarred attorney. After he was disbarred. After he was disbarred for exchanging in a Facebook colloquy with a prospective client of the sort that drew the legendary response from an attorney at an ethics CLE, which gives me my title for this blogpost.

Morei had also had its corporate status revoked by its home State prior to the disbarred attorney filing the petition.

Ex-Ch J Iron Mike has clearly heard enough.

“For the reasons explained in respondent’s motion to dismiss, petitioner has not shown that any owner or officer of petitioner, or anyone acting on their behalf, asked Mr. [disbarred] to sign the petition on petitioner’s behalf. Moreover, petitioner has failed to show that under Rule 60(c) and Nev. Rev. Stat. § 78.175 petitioner had the capacity to commence this case.” Order, at pp. 1-2.(Name omitted, but read the 4/13/17 Memorandum Sur Order).


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