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Today STJ Daniel A. (“Yuda”) Guy, about to lecture to us anent the Section 7623 whistleblower statute, its cause and cure, has an undesignated order in a CDP that seems mundane, but whose offspring and siblings we will see more and more.

I take my title from G. K. Chesterton, but this is not a sequel to “The Man Who Was Thursday.” This is the sad tale of Friday O. James, Docket No. 12911-15SL, filed 3/27/18.

‘The record shows that petitioner is currently being held at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility in Pennsylvania. Petitioner is prosecuting an appeal of a decision by the Board of Immigration Appeals that he be deported from the United States. The Court has been unable to arrange a conference call with the parties and is unable to determine whether petitioner has the financial resources to pay for transport by the United States Marshals Service to a facility where the Court could receive his testimony (by electronic means) with the aim of resolving this case.” Order, at p. 1.

So Friday gets an order to file a status report next month. He can’t make a phonecall, apparently, but perhaps he can send STJ Yuda a letter.

It’s not clear from where.


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