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Here I am in the Windy City. While there aren’t any hog butchers in evidence, nor stackers of wheat, and there’s no stormy, husky or brawling in evidence (yet, but they haven’t started serving drinks), the luminaries of USTC are around and about.

It was great to say “hi” to Judge Buch, and to wave at CSTJ Lewis (“That Man Knows How to Spell”) Carluzzo. I’m sure more of the judiciary will be sharing their insights with us.

I’m disappointed that Judge Posner of 7 Cir. won’t be speaking. He would certainly add a distinct perception.

But even more surprising is that today we have no opinions, rather only two designated hitters, both from Judge David Gustafson, and both examples of how that Obliging Jurist tries to lead the recalcitrant and the befuddled among the self-represented who find themselves enwrapt in the anfractuosities of Tax Court practice.

Dorothy L. Anderson, Docket No. 30766-15L, filed 3/26/18, may not be getting all her Tax Court mail. When you read Judge Gustafson’s order, it’s not surprising. So Judge Gustafson launches a bombardment to every address Dorothy might have or had, to encourage her to play nice with IRS counsel.

And Judge Gustafson once again tries to help out Douglas Stauffer Bell & Nancy Clark Bell, Docket No. 1973-10L, filed 3/26/18. This time Judge Gustafson gives Doug & Nancy a list of local clinicians, without guarantee, warranty or representations, of course.

Doug & Nancy have been befuddled before, and Judge Gustafson came to their aid. See my blogpost “Forms and Letters,” 6/5/17. After chronicling in some detail Judge Gustafson’s generosity, I gently suggested we have another Judicial Conference, to talk things over.

And so we have.


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