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No, this is definitely not a theological treatise; such exalted matters are far above my paygrade.

Rather, STJ Diana L. (“The Taxpayer’s Friend”) Leyden sends IRS off to trial, as she can’t figure out whether George Luniw, Docket No. 17789-16SL, filed 3/8/18, sent in one or three frivolous returns during his protracted epistolary rally with IRS.

George tried the “all zeros” plus Form 4852 dodge (to try to knock out the W-2s) for the year at issue. IRS gets partial summary J on Appeals’ denial of CNC, as George gave them no Form 433-A. His beef as to a NFTL gets bounced for lack of jurisdiction, as George’s Letter 12153 was five (count ’em, five) months late.

The 1040s were all for the same year, bore the same date, and manifested the same all-zeros frivolity. IRS put different date stamps on all, but the meanings thereof are obscure, says STJ Di.

George sent the return (or returns) in seriatim during the rally aforesaid, so IRS asked for three (count ‘em, three) Section 6702 $5K frivolity chops.

Nope, says STJ Di in this designated hitter.

So, is it one three times or three one time each?


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