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Breathless to discover that Judge Maurice B. Foley will take over from Ch J L Paige (“Iron Fist”) Marvel as capo di tutti capi on June 1.

Of course nominations are open for an appropriate soubriquet for the new Glasshouse Boss.

Sorry, no prize for the winning entry. The paths of glory lead to the usual place.

  1. Having grabbed the brass ring the last time around the carousel with my suggestion of a Marvel Comics-related moniker (“Iron Fist”) for Ch.J. Marvel, I thought I’d try for the second third of a hat trick in the Chief Judge nicknaming playoffs.

    Alas, the character Maurice appeared inappropriate, and diversions into Foley-related terminology produced references to walkers, catheters, politicians, etc.

    Then, on the brink of despair, a voice from deep in the past, Steve Miller, suggested the following (appropriately modified in 3 places), from his hit single “The Joker”:

    “Some people call me the tax cowboy.
    Yeah! Some call me the gangster of tax.
    Some people call me Maurice,
    ‘Cause I speak of the pompatus of tax.”

    Any of the three possibilities are cool in their own right:
    – Chief Tax Cowboy (at the Glasshouse rodeo);
    – Gangster of Tax (in charge of the Tax Appeals Mob);
    but I like to move for SJ in the Court of Lewis, that the use of the ritzy-sounding nonce word “pompatus”, be requisitioned to create the heretofore unknown honorific “Pompatus of Tax”.

    But wait! Despite my preference to avoid a racial linkage between the Judge and any particular character, I am enchanted by the image, description (edited), and attendant possibilities of the following, for one of Marvel’s African-American superheroes known as “The Falcon”:

    “The superhero Falcon, uses mechanical wings to fly, granting him limited telepathic and empathic control over birds. Following the retirement of his predecessor, he becomes the newest Captain America and leader of the Avengers.”

    Perhaps some rotating use, or mashup, of the various suggestions will provide adequate utility to your endeavors to keep we readers informed, educated and amused.


    • Comment: I didn’t want to sophomorically or insensitively rely on a racial linkage for my suggested names as I prefer to be colorblind (but I love that soaring pic), but on the matter of race, is the Judge possibly the first African American Chief Judge on The Tax Court? If so, I think that is great, and wish to congratulate him both in his general professional ascension to the top and, if he be the first here, in his achievement of this distinction.

      I wish him all wisdom, power and success in his new job.


  2. I am sure that all my readers wish Ch J-elect Foley every success.


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