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I was nearly exhausted reading the back-and-forth between Michael J. Baumgartner & Keri A. Baumgartner, Docket No. 2670-16, filed 2/23/18, their trusty attorney, to whom I’ll hereinafter refer as “JC,” and IRS TCO and subsequent group manager.

Mike and Keri claim section 301.7430-1(f)(2), Proc. & Admin. Regs, lets them off the hook if they bypass Appeals before IRS folds. This is another Section 7430 legals, but Judge Nega isn’t dealing with justification.

No, it’s the old exhaustion-of-administrative remedies.

IRS is rather like the Pirates of the Caribbean when it comes to IRS’ Procedural Rules. They’re “guidelines,” ”aspirational goals.”

Besides, there were two (count ‘em, two) letters from the TCO and subsequent group manager that were in fact thirty-day letters, and Mike and Keri should have gone to Appeals.

Having elected not to go, the legals are off the table.


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