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And Go to the End of the Line?

It’s in my nature to look for litigation tactics and stratagems, even where, perhaps, the principals and their attorneys themselves were unaware of, and did not intend to employ, the tactic or stratagem.

So I do not impute to Mary B. Doggett, Docket No. 11434-17S, filed 2/12/18, nor to Jock H. Doggett & Jane M. Doggett, Docket No. 11412-17S, filed 2/12/18, nor yet to their attorney, whom I’ll designate hereinafter as “Mike,” any crafty motive.

It may be that the stricter regular rules of procedure give more scope to the petitioners. It may be that the right of appeal, unavailable in a small-claimer, has strategic value. It may be that there is some advantage that Mike has found, and I have missed. Omniscience is definitely not in my line.

But with trial date approaching, and continuance sought, buying time by way of dropping your “S” gets you away from the STJs, at least for the moment (and perhaps permanently). And sends you back to the general docket. And you didn’t use up a continuance.

Thanks, Mike. Even if I got it totally wrong.


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