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The proposed Federal tax legislation has passed the House and is expected to pass the Senate momentarily. My policy views are expressed elsewhere.

But this great overhaul of the IRC recalls an anecdote I heard many years ago. The venue was alleged to be Kentucky, the date much more than a century ago.

In those days no specific legal education was required, and there was no Bar examination. A candidate presented himself (ladies, this was in The Bad Old Days) to the County Judge for oral examination.

Our aspirant is a young, fresh-faced fellow straight from behind the plough. The examiner, an elderly, seasoned trial lawyer with a multi-decade tenure on the Bench.

“Young feller, do y’all know Coke’s Institutes?” It was pronounced “cook.”

“Jedge, I can cook up a pretty good set o’ flapjacks.”

A judicial sigh.

“Sir, do y’all know Blackstone’s Commentaries?”

“Judge, Black who?”

Another judicial sigh.

“Young man, what do you know about the law?”

“Waaaal, Jedge, I’ve read those there books The Kentucky Revised Statutes, an’ I think I got most of ‘em.”

“Young man, next week the Legislature meets, and they’re gonna repeal ever’ dam’ thing you know.”

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