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I criticized the Judge with a Heart, STJ Armen, for sending off poor Amy L. Goline with a “figure it out yourself,” when there’s a boilerplate paragraph invoking McCormick that has to be on the order clerks’ server. See my blogpost “Ya Gotta Have Heart,” 11/9/17.

Well today, it’s ex-CSTJ Panuthos’ turn. Here’s Kenneth W. Hope & Martha S. Hope, Docket No. 211-16S, filed 12/7/17.

All Ken & Martha want to do is pay the man. There’s a faxed decision document lodged, and IRS has moved for entry of decision.

“Petitioners appear to be in agreement that they will pay the amount of the deficiency set forth in the lodged decision document but ask that the Court not enter ‘a judgment against us’.” Order, at p. 1.

No can do, says ex-CSTJ Panuthos.

“Petitioners are advised that the Court must at some point enter a decision in this matter in order to close the case and permit an assessment of the deficiency to proceed. Thus the only choices at this juncture are for the Court to (1) enter a decision as lodged with the Court, (2) disregard the lodged decision and permit petitioners to proceed to trial and attempt to establish that the deficiency should be something less than that reflected in the lodged decision document.” Order, at p. 1.

And ex-CSTJ Panuthos is willing to wait until after New Year’s Day for their response.

But how about suggesting Ken & Martha just give IRS a check for the full amount, if able, and enter decision that nothing is owed?


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