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Over the years I’ve run, in a desultory way on this my blog, the Taishoff “Good Excuse” Sweepstakes, in various categories, such as late returns (or nonfilings), mislabelled income and deductions, internet reliance, and such. I await the grand (no prize) winner.

Today there is one excuse that falls at the first fence, but it’s as explicit in its candor as it is defective in its effect, enough so that I’ll forgo blogging STJ Lewis (“Say It Loud, Say It Proud”) Carluzzo’s designated off-the-bencher concerning health insurance premium deductions under an obscure provision of Section 35.

Here’s Rodney Morrison, Docket No. 21066-10, filed 11/7/17. A long-running show, but Rod wanted more.

Ex-Chief STJ Panuthos: “At some point after these cases were set for trial the Court was advised that a basis of settlement had been reached in these dockets and that the parties would submit settlement documents.

“… respondent filed a status report and also filed a Motion for Entry of Decision. Respondent asserts that proposed decision documents were sent to petitioners…. Respondent further asserts that petitioner Rodney Morrison advised respondent that he and his wife signed the settlement documents however they were delaying the return of the documents to respondent in order hold off potential collection action.” Order, at p. 1.

Ya gotta like candor. Rod is obviously someone who tells it like it is.

Ex-Chief STJ Panuthos is not amused.

“It appears that there is no doubt that the parties have arrived at a basis of settlement in these cases given that settlement documents prepared by respondent have been executed by or on behalf of petitioners. Petitioners have not presented any justifiable reason for failing to return the signed documents to respondent for execution and submission to the Court.” Order, at p. 1.

So, Rod, show cause why decision should not be entered.


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