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I’ve often enough lamented most publicly that this my blog is ignored by The Plurinational State of Bolivia; not one of its nearly 12 million citizens has bothered to perform a touch-and-go here, for reasons which I’m at a loss to understand.

Perhaps the doings of the United States Tax Court aren’t quite as enthralling as I think they are.

I completely understand Guiana (that’s Guyane to you Francophones) giving me the go-by. Much of it is jungle, and I’m sure the French rocket base attracts most attention.

But today, 10/16/17, I collected five (count ‘em, five) visits from Afghanistan, a first in the six years I’ve been pouring my full heart in profuse strains of unpremeditated whatever on the world-wide web.

If five visitors from war-torn, impoverished, bombed-out Afghanistan can spare a few minutes to check out this my blog, wha’ssup wit’ Bolivia?

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