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I’ve sometimes criticized His Honor Big Julie Judge Julian I Jacobs, hereinafter HHBJJJIJ, for designating too many of his orders. Not this time. Not today.

Maria J. Calica, Docket No. 304-17, filed 9/15/17, needs to read and heed, because HHBJJJIJ is letting her know she’s running out of runway and a long way from rotation.

IRS gave Maria two conference dates to hand over documents in person, and a Rule 72 Request to Produce Documents when she failed to show for either of the foregoing, but Maria did nothing.

HHBJJJIJ finds Maria’s diffidence less than helpful, and is warming up to throw Maria’s petition out of the park.

So let Maria show up at Chief Counsel’s San Diego digs with the goods.

Failing which, the wrath of HHBJJJIJ will descend upon her heavily.

“Petitioner is warned that in the event she does not fully comply with the provisions of this Order, the Court may impose sanctions pursuant to Tax Court Rule 104, including an Order that (1) the issues to which respondent’s discovery request pertain shall be taken as established in this case as set forth in (and petitioner will be prohibited from offering evidence to rebut the determinations made in) the notice of deficiency issued to petitioner, (2) the assignments of error set forth in the petition will be struck, and (3) such other and further relief as the Court deems proper.” Order, at p. 2. And it’s in bold-faced type on the website.



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