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Habitual readers of this my blog, a group of hardy, patient, hard-laboring practitioners and friends, are well-used to my praises of that Obliging Jurist, Judge David Gustafson. So well-used, in fact, that I need not repeat the many proofs of his solicitude I’ve heretofore chronicled.

But Judge Gustafson is tireless in going the twain and even the thrain, when asked for barely a couple hundred (hi, Judge Holmes, I’ll be getting over to you today) meters.

Case in point: Jefferey R. Fritzler, Deceased, and Sally M. Fritzler, Docket No. 9219-16, filed 9/12/17. It’s obviously Sally’s story, as Jeff is no longer with us.

Sally seems to be having trouble doing what Judge Gustafson told her, namely, getting herself or someone else appointed as ex’r or adm’r for the late Jeff, so as to keep his estate in the case. IRS wants to toss the case as to the late Jeff.

So next week in the Motor City, Judge Gustafson wants Sally and IRS to tell him why he shouldn’t toss the late Jeff’s estate.

OK, no biggie, there are dozens of such orders, where one of a conjoined petitioner is gone from the scene with no successor in view. So what’s up with Judge Gustafson’s solicitude?

“ORDERED that the undersigned judge’s Chambers Administrator shall promptly telephone Ms. Fritzler and read this order to her.” Order, at p. 2.

If he could, I’ll bet Judge Gustafson would send over warm milk and cookies.

My kind of judge.

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