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We will hear a lot of intelligent discussion, and an equal if not greater amount of blather, concerning an overhaul of our Internal Revenue Code (or, more accurately, The Annual Revenue Act), in the coming weeks. As this is a non-political blog, I will not be commenting upon most of the intelligent discussion, and will altogether eschew commenting upon the blather.

But if reform is on the menu, take a look at Gregory David Bruce, 2017 T. C. Memo. 172, filed 9/5/17. Compare and contrast with my blogposts “Disabled veteran – Redivivus,” 11/23/15, and “Disabled Veteran,” 12/22/14.

Now, lest this become a rant, I will merely confine my remarks to the need for reform of the taxation of military benefits and pensions. There needs to be a unitary system for establishing eligibility for favorable taxation of pensions and benefits; either the military departments (Army, Navy, Air Force, or Homeland Security (for the Coast Guard)) or the VA as to disability. There needs to be an update to Section 104 to deal specifically with taxability of veterans’ disability pensions. There needs to be an update to Subchapter B of Title 26 to deal specifically with veterans’ pensions.

As I said, I do not want this to become a rant. I want to walk into tonight’s meeting of  my American Legion Post (NY Post 2001, 9/11 Memorial) in a calm frame of mind.

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