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Or, Everything West of the Hudson Is Still Kansas

I was rebuked by the Tax Section of the American Bar Association, to which august body I do not belong, when I suggested that Form 5, Request for Place of Trial, be modified. See my blogpost “Pro Se Taxpayers and the Forms,” 7/31/17.

They objected to complicating a form that many self-representeds get wrong without my assistance.

Well, maybe they were right, as even the order clerks at The Glasshouse at 400 Second St, NW, in The City Gen’l. Ross Burned in 1814, get it wrong.

Here’s Glendol T. Bush, Docket No. 13160-17, filed 8/24/17.

Glendol makes the usual mistake, asking for a full-dress in a venue only suited to small-claimers. Glendol wants Cheyenne, WY. Glendol doesn’t request small-claimer status even when asked, so gets Denver, CO.

But when Ch J L. Paige (“Iron Fist”) Marvel tries to give Glendol the “Goodbye, Ol’ Paint” treatment, the clerks do it thus.

“…petitioner lodged in the above-docketed matter a Request for Place of Trial form marking Cheyenne, Wyoming, as the requested place of trial. The Tax Court, however, does not sit in X for purposes of hearing regular cases. The Cheyenne facilities are available only for trials in small tax cases….” Order, at p. 1.

X, huh?

Maybe everything west of the Hudson is still Kansas. See my blogpost “Everything West of the Hudson Is Kansas,” 7/5/17.



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