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There’s a witness who really wants to testify, but he has a wee problem getting to the courtroom. Mr Keys, the witness, doesn’t have the keys to the Federal slammer wherein he sits, and apparently isn’t going to get them any time soon.

And that’s a problem for the parties who want Mr Keys’ testimony. Once again appearing on this my blog are Gregory Raifman & Susan Raifman, Docket No. 3897-14, filed 6/5/17.

Greg & Sue haven’t the best of batting averages in the Glasshouse. See my blogposts “We Wuz Robbed,” 8/7/12 and “An Unerring Nose for Fraud,” 2/27/15.

But they catch a break from Judge Nega, because he lets in the written declaration of Mr Keys in lieu of his actual testimony.

However, the exhibits to his written declaration run aground and are tossed.

So if a key witness (sorry, guys) is tied up when it’s time for trial, try the written declaration route.


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