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Or, Jersey Bounced

I need not complete the cliché. And I’m sure I need not add “There but for the grace of you know Whom.”

I won’t summarize, paraphrase, nor will I comment further on Clark J. Gebman & Rebecca Gebman, Docket No. 15941-12, filed 5/5/17, than to say that there is no such thing as casual advice from an attorney; that even when no client-attorney relationship was created or intended, an attorney is chargeable with the full force of the Rules of Professional Responsibility (with or without one’s own State’s variations thereon); that judges are protective of non-attorneys, going to helicopter-like extremes to prevent any imposition upon the layperson; and that, reader, this could happen to you.

The “bounce” to which I refer is RAF slang from seventy-plus years ago, meaning an attack, usually from out of the sun, by enemy fighters, unseen until they strike, usually with bad results to the targets of the bounce.

Remain vigilant. Especially when trying to do a good deed.

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