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I was lamenting the shortage of blogfodder earlier today, 5/2/17, as the order clerks at The Glasshouse at 400 Second Street, NW, seem to have gone in for the Big Bang Theory, an explosion of opinions, decisions and meaty orders one day, and nothing but banalities for days thereafter.

But as I settled into my easy chair after back-to-back meetings of my American Legion Post (9/11 Memorial, NY Post 2001), which we hold on board a retired warship, moored to this Minor Outlying Island off the coast of North America, a piece of nautical apocrypha was brought to mind by the venue and Louis J. Baumgartner, Docket No. 6708-17, filed 5/2/17.

You remember Lou (“Too Bad About The Spelling”) J., of course. You do not? Sad. But take heart and see my blogpost “Oh, Ch J Iron Fist, You Crafty Devil,” 11/10/16.

In that tale, Lou (“TBATS”) J. was joined by Beth A. in this protester rap, and got tossed by Ch J L Paige (“Iron Fist”) Marvel.

Well, in today’s installment, Lou (“TBATS”) J., tout seul, tries it on again with the identical rap and the same result.

The nautical apocrypha?

First, the facts. During the epic Battle of Flamborough Head in 1779, Admiral John Paul Jones, USN, commanding USS Bon Homme Richard (ex-French Duc De Duras), his ship on fire, sinking, half his crew dead or wounded, made his immortal reply to the demand for surrender by the captain of HMS Serapis: “Sir, I have not yet begin to fight!”

The apocrypha? As Jones’ words rang out into the pages of history, a mortally-wounded sailor, black with gunpowder and gushing blood, yelled from the scuppers “Man, you ain’t got the word yet!”

Ch J Iron Fist echoes his words today.


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