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That’s an archaic term meaning acting prematurely, hastily. That’s me today, oversoon, jumping on Judge Buch for booting Kevin DeWitt Skaggs’ “S” to set up a full-dress TC. I blogged the order even before it showed on the designated-hit list, and the TC which followed (148 T. C. 15).

I think I was right in principle, but Judge Buch was right in practice. Kev D was doing hard time in a KS slammer, but was getting treated for mental illness in the State hospital appurtenant thereto.

Kev D claimed EITC based on his wages as hospital orderly.

Leaving aside the individual rights and wrongs of Kev D’s case, which I don’t know, the EITC move by convicts in prison hospitals or on work release could become a growth industry.

The amounts involved are generally small. Kev D’s claimed EITC was less than $300.

But those in the Stony Lonesome, or “demesnes that there adjacent lie”, as a much finer writer than I put it, have all the time in the world, access to law libraries, and little else wherewith to fill their days.

So the guests of various States, Territories, Commonwealths, and even of the Federales, could flood the zone with small-claimers based on some kind of work they claim takes place outside the prison walls.

Best way to scotch this is with a full-dress TC.


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