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A blogpost that evoked 104 views comes to an anticlimactic end, in David M. Sweetman & Laura L. Sweetman, Deceased, Docket No. 20268-12, filed 4/6/17*.

Check out my blogpost “Wow,” 7/1/16, for the backstory.

Now new counsel is in for the Sweetmans, Judge Holmes had bailed back in June last year and Judge Nega takes up the nonstory.

David Sweetman and IRS stip out the case, case dismissed as to the late Dr Laura (no probate, innocent spousery has vanished, and the minor kids apparently have nothing to say) and decision entered for deficiency and penalties amounting to $137K.

I am unstunned. It was a great story while it lasted.

*Sweetman 20268-12 4:6:17


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