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I’m sure you all recollect the late Travis L. Sanders, who starred in my blogpost “He Married a Virgin,” 1/29/15. Well, Virgin (Islander) or not, the late Trav’s spouse does not avail him, as his estate is back in Tax Court for some findings of fact about when and how Trav obtained and maintained his Virginity and his business connections with Our Insolvent Islands in the Sun.

Eleventh Circuit said Tax Court was too hasty in agreeing to Trav’s bona fides as a Virgin (Islander) and his business connections. Here’s the story: Estate of Sanders, No. 15-12582, decided 8/24/16.

So Judge Kerrigan has the whole shootin’ match back in her courtroom, and asks the parties to write out their views. Estate of Travis L. Sanders, Deceased, Thomas S. Hogan, Jr., Personal Representative, Docket No. 4614-11, filed 2/7/17.

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