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The monuments of unaging intellect who operate, the soapbox wherefrom I orate at a modest annual charge of USD twenty-six, have eliminated the stat page showing, on a cumulative basis from inception, which countries, commonwealths, semi-autonomous regions and other political thingies have viewed this my blog.


Was it too complicated? If so, why had it run for more than five (count ‘em, five) years?

Too expensive? But there’s a daily list. What’s so hard about a cumulative list?

Were various sovereignties checking up on the viewing habits of their citizens? They could do that without the help of These sovereignties can, and most likely do, prevent anything from entering their sacred servers.

I liked to see whether I was giving Canadian Club (“The best in the house in 167 countries”) a run for its loonies.

A blog site should provide its customers with the most bang for the buck, especially when the incremental cost thereof is bupkis, to use a technical term.

C’mon,, a satisfied customer is your best advertisement.


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