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George Bernard Shaw’s disparaging phrase doesn’t disparage me. I don’t write poetry. What I do is discuss the doings of the “small court,” the sixty-buck ticket-to-justice, the play-before-you-pay arena where all the world goes up, each from their own village, when they’ve been taxed and don’t like it.

I don’t write lengthy exegeses. I wasn’t on law review, so I can’t measure success by how much the number of footnotes exceeds the number of words in any piece of mine.

I’m strictly a Habakkuk 2:2 kind of guy.

Every so often someone reads this my blog.

Sometimes they like it. At even rarer whiles they may pass me a brief compliment. Even more rarely, they heave a metaphorical brick at my cyberwindow.

I’m told my pieces are even read within the sacred precincts of Tax Court itself…sometimes.

So you’ll excuse a very small cough when I get this e-mail from Twitter.

liked your Tweet

See my blogpost “Amen, Judge Posner,” 12/22/16.

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