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No, not the Kenny Rodgers – Don Schlitz cult classic. Neither is this a tale of taxes.

Rather, this is a tip of the battered Stetson to a well-known law firm that does more than litigate tax cases, herein and elsewhere referred to as The Jersey Boys.

A well-known professional gambler sought to break the bank, rather like “Bond…James Bond” in the 1963 spy classic, at a major casino.

He didn’t break the bank, but he broke the rules, and The Jersey Boys nailed him for $10 million-plus.

Here’s their story:

“On December 15, 2016, Agostino & Associates was successful in obtaining a judgment in favor of Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa against professional gambler Phil Ivey for $10.1 million. The case involved the use of marked cards at the game of Baccarat in a unique scheme known as “edge  sorting.” Because of the parties involved, the case garnered much national attention from its inception. Jeremy Klausner handled the case for the firm in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey.”

If you check the details as more particularly bounded and described in the media, “edge sorting” involves memorizing the backs of cards. There was a short story from the 1920s involving a similar situation, called “Fallen Angels” as the backs of the cards in question showed pictures of angels (artfully marked).

Nothing new under the sun.


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