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Today I really need white trousers and a striped shirt, and a loud whistle, so that I might continuously rotate my forearms before me after having deafened all within earshot.

Once again IRS deploys the SNOD-after-petition formation. This deft but slimy move has IRS bombarding taxpayer with a bunch of form letters, which elicit a petition, and then claiming there never was a SNOD (notwithstanding that there is no standard form of SNOD, and don’t hang by anything tender until IRS promulgates such a form), moving successfully to dismiss the petition, and then dropping the real SNOD.

Usually by the time the taxpayer (pro se) gets word of the fake, the 90 days has run on the real SNOD.

See my blogposts “Fake Out,” 12/16/14, and “Fake Out – Part Deux,” 6/23/15.

Today’s victim is Gilson Alexander Tallentire, II, Docket No. 19435-16, filed 12/1/16.

Ch J L. Paige (“Iron Fist”) Marvel kicks Gil to the cliché, without mentioning that Gil has time to refile if he files anew at once, or even sends in a letter, which can be characterized as an imperfect petition from the “real” SNOD.

I call illegal procedure! Tweet!

Footnote- Ch J Iron Fist’s predecessor ex-Ch J Michael B. (“Iron Mike”) Thornton rightly tipped off the taxpayer in the second of my blogposts abovecited.


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