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I don’t mean in Don McLean’s 1971 magnum opus; rather, this is to do with Judge Lauber’s ongoing quest for enlightenment in “quaint and curious volumes of forgotten” law.

It’s all about protection of trade secrets vs the public’s right to know, as played out in, Inc. & Subsidiaries, Docket No. 31197-12, filed 11/30/16.

And the resulting scoping, quick-peeking, invigilating, tweaking and poking of the “C” documents (those  designated as protected by Section 7461(b)(1) by Jeff Bezos’ minions) yields a list of what Non-Party Guardian News & Media, LLC, the US arm of Snowden, Assange & Co. (non-political; merely for identification) and the public at large may eyeball at 400 Second Street, NW, by appointment.

For background, see my blogpost “Snow(den) Job?” 7/18/16.

Many of Judge Lauber’s desired answers are unnecessary. Non-Party Guardian News & Media is denied intervention. 92% of the trial transcripts and 75% of the documents Guardian wanted are theirs to read, lightly redacted.

The Court’s mandate to let the public see it all (whether or not fit to print, as the Non-Party’s rival asserts) has been satisfied.

So let the Clerk send the gladsome news to Rue Darwin in Brussels, where the Non-Party hangs out.

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