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Note to those who object to having their Tax Court cases discussed, from Judge Nega: “It is the goal of this Court to provide a public record and an open court, and to serve the legitimate interests of the public….” Kenneth William Kasper, Docket No. 6748-13W, filed 10/28/16, at p. 1..

Moreover, “Section 7458 provides that ‘[h]earings before the Tax Court and its divisions shall be open to the public’. Section 7461(a) similarly provides that ‘all evidence received by the Tax Court and its divisions, including a transcript of the stenographic report of the hearings, shall be public records open to the inspection of the public.’” Order, at p. 1.

If you want it sealed, better ask the Judge from the getgo. And have a good reason.

Justice must be seen to be done.

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