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Habakkuk was lucky; he had Divine sponsorship. I make do with what little I’ve got.

But we both share a mandate: “Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.”

With this blog, I’m trying to talk about taxes, principally as found in the US Tax Court, with clarity and brevity. I’m not writing law review articles. I’m not writing for the trade press. I presume anyone reading any blogpost here has the ability to read for themselves the decision, opinion, order or press release, which is the subject of the blogpost.

Therefore, I have no reason to expatiate on details. Likewise, I will not quote in extenso unless the quoted matter is essential. As aforesaid, y’all can read for yourselves.

Prof. Danshera Cords has nothing to fear from me: I have no intention of writing a treatise on Tax Court law and practice.

Nor am I trying to cover the entire spectrum of US taxation. It would take a Bloomberg to do that.

But a good deal of what happens in the Glasshouse at 400 Second Street, NW, and its far-flung outposts across this great land never makes it to the law reviews, the trade press and the blogosphere.

So I’m here. And I’m writing for the running readers.

  1. Dear Lewis (your name is your fame),

    Firstly, thank you for picking my suggestion of Iron Fist, (since it’s all pro bono here, I know my prize comes in heaven.)

    Secondly, today’s blogpost is amazingly timely, given yesterday I (as a non-practitioner IRS whistleblower in waiting) was wishing that sometimes you would give a small explanation to the uninitiated as to the significance of certain items. (I couldn’t think of an appropriate bright line suggestion given what I assume is a diverse readership, so I let the thought slide.). If you see appropriate opportunities to add educational color to your elucidatory play-by-play, I’d be appreciative of the effort (and if you don’t, Ill still think of you as my Tax Rabbi.)

    Thirdly, as you know, my focus is on trying to push for improvements in the administration of 7623 so that in future, individuals such as myself don’t damage their career trying to do the right thing only to learn of the sham and shambolic way in which the IRS handles 7623 whistleblowers and their submissions.

    As such, I am very grateful that you often cover the Ogden Sunseteers and the extended WBO activities that end-up in USTC. Since I don’t know if you blog every 7623-related order or memo, and since I find the USTC’s site and search engine capability to be more primitive than 1990’s dial-up AOL (egads, one can’t even search the docket with “* 16W” to find WB related gold as the wildcard and W are both rejected), I am wondering if there is a better search engine somewhere available to those unanointed with tax profi creds.

    Fourthly(?), you often reference the non partisan nature of your tax blog, mentioning that you delve into partisan issues elsewhere. I read this as an invitation to ask where that elsewhere may be found, and am thus doing that here.

    Finally, congratulations to your progeny* making partner. She is a visible vibrant part of your legacy and you are rightfully proud.

    *think granddaughter, can’t recall if daughter, so snuck out with progeny!

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Regards, FCA Aficionado


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