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I remember, so clearly the old cliché about as-if-it-were-yesterday almost has meaning, those waning days of October, in a year so long ago, when I shouted at every opportunity “Short!” And that magic moment when the mimeographed yellowed sheet (it was that long ago that photocopying was reserved for the highest echelons) came into my hands, and I exultantly screamed “FIGMO!”

There are no longer such moments. “Gone, alas, like our youth, too soon.”

If all this is gibberish to you, my condolences. Explanations merely dilute and trivialize.

Tomorrow comes the change of command ceremony, as Ch J Michael B (“Iron Mike”) Thornton passes the Chieftain’s gavel to Judge L. Paige Marvel. I’ll publish my reflections thereon tomorrow.

But today, Ch J Iron Mike shows how I felt in that sandy spot beside the South China Sea.

Here is Steven P. Stewart, Docket No. 7133-16S, filed 5/31/16.

“Upon due consideration of the Notice of Intervention by Courtney Ira…, it is

“ORDERED, that the caption of this case is amended to read “Steven P. Stewart, Petitioner and Courtney, Intervenor v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Respondent.” Order, at p. 1.


  1. Mr Taishoff

    Were you in the military and stationed near/around or at China Beach. You stated “waning days of October by the South China Sea”. Sound like you may have been from this line you wrote. If you were I never made it there. Volunteered for “Nam” but never got the chance to go there. Wound up in Iceland of all places. Retired only a few years back. Did see a little action in Macedonia in the Balkans.

    Thoroughly enjoy your column.

    With Regards

    Ray Caron


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