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Remember James W. Blackbourn, II & Angel M.  Blackbourn? No? Well, check out my blogpost “It’s Payback Time – Part Deux,” 1/28/16, wherein STJ Lewis (“Our Name Is Our Fame”) Carluzzo rejected Jim’s and Angel’s First Time Home Buyer Credit, First Edition, for their Canton cantonment, but asked IRS to play nice and credit Jim and Angel for the paybacks they made for the credit they now have lost ab initio.

But the Rule 155 beancount STJ Lewis ordered apparently got stalled, because IRS wants more time to spill the beans.

Well, not only is that not going to happen, but STJ Lewis spurs the parties on to the finish line.

It’s found in James W. Blackbourn, II & Angel M. Blackbourn, Docket No. 5964-12S, filed 5/27/16.

And STJ Lewis gets right to the point.

No more time, and “…the decision entered in this case will reflect the amount of the deficiency shown on the computation for entry of decision first received from either party.” Order, at p. 1.

I bet this race is more exciting than the Preakness.

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