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He who would petition, though he were dead, should make sure his personal representative checks the mail at his last known address, or shoots IRS a Section 6903 notice by certified mail of his representativeness forthwith.

That’s the moral from Estate of John A. Massie, Deceased, John Stephen Massie, Executor, Docket No. 5961-16S, filed 5/25/16.

John Stephen petitioned a SNOD directed to the late John A., attaching his appointment as executor.

IRS claims John Stephen is late, as the SNOD was “most likely mailed to the decedent’s address….” Order, at p. 1.

But “most likely” doesn’t cut it for Ch J Michael B (“Iron Mike”) Thornton in the waning days of his Chieftainship.

Turning to John Stephen, Ch J Iron Mike wants John Stephen to dish about the late John A.’s date of death, whether John Stephen notified IRS that he was the executor, and if he did, when, and send in a copy of the notice he gave IRS.

Executors, be warned. Check out Section 6903 and the Regs, and fire off that notice. Check out Form 56 and the instructions thereto.


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