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No, not the start of a Pearl Zane Grey 1940 horse opera, rather this is my tiny fist-pump for the thirty-thousandth viewer of this my blog. I know the blogs of the rich and famous, ghost-written or not, attract thirty thousand viewers in less than five seconds, while getting here took me five years. I hear an echo from the distant past: “Are we there yet?”

When I started out in the bleak midwinter of 2010, I never thought that I’d go this far. To 135 countries, territories (autonomous, semi-autonomous, whatever) and such distinct geographico-politico waypoints as my platform at recognizes. And 1539 (count ’em, 1539) blogposts.

Well, I can lay claim to being the most thorough blogger of the United States Tax Court, where multi-billion-dollar deficiencies from multinational behemoths, each entouraged with more white shoes than you’ll find at Burning Tree in April, meets the self-represented small-claimers fighting over less than the price of a latte macchiato. And the rounders, bless ’em, with their specious arguments, somber nonsense and copious legal gibberish.

I’ve been threatened with lawsuits, disciplinary action, and Divine intervention while I was at it. And I’m still here.

It’s been a blast. More to come, if time permits.

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