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To begin with, I’m not seeking to exculpate the hapless TK, who bore the brunt of STJ Daniel A. (“Yuda”) Guy’s ire at her disregard of his order. See my blogpost “Reopening Slammed,” 4/14/16. She was wrong.

But STJ Yuda hit her a lot harder than any Tax Court Judge I can recall hit any other lawyer who strayed from the strait gate and narrow way.

I’ll proffer just a few examples of what other Judges didn’t call “unethical and unprofessional,” as STJ Yuda termed TK’s deliction.

See the following blogposts: “Channeling Freddie,” 9/16/13, Judge Cohen dealing with Yeff; “The Price of Frivolity,” 3/4/16, Judge Haines dealing with Donny (to whom Judge Haines hands a $12K frivolity chop); “Wilf,” 3/30/15, Judge Halpern being positively douce; and “Do I Hear a Waltz?,” 7/1/12, then-Judge Kroupa dealing (or not dealing, depending upon your point of view; I didn’t think she had, and said so) with an attorney I’ll call SJS.

I invite my readers’ (few though they be) attention to the cited blogposts, and the text of the opinions which they describe.

In none of those cases, wherein attorneys displayed conduct that was worthy of sanctions, whether or not imposed, were these attorneys (all men, must I note?) called “unethical and unprofessional.”

I suggest that a mutual apology is in order.


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