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Stone cold second-generation Trekkies (a/k/a The Next Generation) may remember Episode 44, “Up The Long Ladder,” originally titled as the headline hereof. It aired, I am told, on St Patrick’s Day, 1989.

Well, guess who is back among the clones?

It’s The Great Dissenter, a/k/a The Judge Who Writes Like a Human Being, s/a/k/a The Implacable, Irrefragable, Indubitable, Industrious, Illustrious, Incontrovertible, Ineffable, Ineluctable, and Indefatigable (but never Imperious or Inscrutable) Foe of the Partitive Genitive, and Old China Hand, Judge Mark V. Holmes.

This is gonna be a fun case, troops.

Desert Organic Solutions, Docket No. 18114-14, filed 3/30/16.

“It is one of a number of cases at the intersection of marijuana sales and the federal tax system, and we continued it to enable the parties to develop what may be a couple issues new to this field. They recently reported exchanging some ideas on whether cloned marijuana plants are controlled substances under section 280E and continue to work on informal discovery.” Order, at p. 1.

Send in the clones, indeed.

So Judge Holmes, in the interest of developing the “couple new” issues (while again dissing the PG, and peeving this hard-laboring blogger in the process), continues the case.

I’ll follow this one and its fellows, and bring you the straight dope as soon as I get it. (Sorry guys, the Devil made me do it).

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