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Here in the Big Apple, we have endless tour busses traversing our streets and byways, whereon cicerones enlighten the visitor in all the tongues of Babel. For some time a favored version thereof is the “hop on, hop off.”

As a native I have never boarded such as they, but I am reliably informed that one’s ticket entitles one to get on or off the vehicle at selected points, to ogle and selfie ad lib., rejoining when another of that ilk arrives.

Looking at the number of those who follow this blog (few in number though they be), I note that over the last couple months (good morning, Judge Holmes, how are ya?) the number reported by varies from 180 to 179, changing daily, without apparent explanation.

Perhaps I have unknowingly crafted the first hop on, hop off, blog.

  1. I am surprised that more people don’t follow your postings. I am not a tax professional of any kind and I sometimes have trouble with a few of your abbreviations and references, but I always find your comments to be insightful once I have interpreted them. Keep writing, please.


  2. Ms Pennell, thank you for your kind words.


  3. I thoroughly enjoy you commentaries. I dread the day this column ceases to publish. Thank for the education and sheer enjoyment of reading it and having access to it.


  4. Mr Caron, thank you for your kind words. But I truly wasn’t begging for applause.


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