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“Therefore Stay Awake”

I’ve had a good deal to say about continuing legal education programs in these posts. I’m sure all my lawyer-readers (if any) have sat through some that were enlightening, some that were diverting, and some where they wished they could catch up on the sleep they missed when they woke up at three o’clock in the morning, in a cold sweat about things done and left undone.

But even at those last, I must echo the words of a much more exalted writer as the subtitle of today’s sorrowful tale.

Tax Court has issued its periodic list of the suspended, disbarred and restored. You can read it at

Of those therein cited, I chose the case of Mr. H. for my blogpost today. I of course do not name him; he has suffered enough, and clearly has a problem.

Tax Court is on Mr H’s case because his home Commonwealth suspended him, and he failed to self-snitch to Tax Court.

The gravamen of Mr H’s offense was that he disrupted the morning session of a CLE program by falling asleep and snoring, and the afternoon session by talking loudly at the video screen.

There have been occasions when I was sorely tempted to do likewise, but forbore. At least as to loud snoring.

But Mr H had twice been publicly reprimanded by the disciplinary authorities of the aforesaid Commonwealth before his latest appearance before said authorities.

Thus, this latest appearance finally put the cap on matters.

The Commonwealth required Mr H to attend the Lawyers Helping Lawyers program. I cannot too highly praise such organizations, and urge any in need thereof to make haste to get help. In The Empire State all communications between the lawyer and the program are confidential.

In the meantime, stay awake, for you know not the hour.

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