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That’s Ch J Michael B (“Iron Mike”) Thornton’s lesson for an attorney I’ll call JA, in Jacqueline L. Wingfield, Docket No. 21603-15, filed 2/18/16.

The case started when JA sent in the petition, which JA had signed, but didn’t send an entry of appearance. So Ch J Iron Mike ordered Jacky to sign a ratification (in blue ink, of course), deeming JA unauthorized to sign the petition without an entry of appearance.

JA sent in her entry of appearance, but Ch J Iron Mike is true to his moniker.

“Nonetheless, despite the foregoing efforts, a jurisdictional problem remains. Because this case was initially required to be considered as filed pro se, the signature of counsel on the entry of appearance is insufficient to ratify the original petition. Rather, in order for this Court to acquire jurisdiction to consider this case, it remains necessary to obtain a Ratification of Petition bearing petitioner’s original signature and ratifying the petition previously filed.” Order, at p. 1.

Jacky, dig up that old blue pen.

And practitioners, make sure you have a spare box of blue pens on hand.

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