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I’ve often complimented Judge Holmes on his ability to write like a human being, not like a lawyer. But today Judge Paris has really gone to the other extreme, no fewer than three (count ‘em, three) times, although the cases are related.

Here’s the story. “ORDERED that the joint motion to submit case pursuant to rule 122 is held C.A.V.” Richard Liljeberg, et al, Docket No. 20796-14, filed 12/31/15, at p. 2, a heckuva way to end 2015.

“C.A.V.”? Until the cavalry shows up? Until Ceiling And Visibility clear for takeoff?

No, fellow unscholarly and unwashed practitioners, I had to hit the American Heritage Dictionary (a prescriptive, not descriptive, tome, for you lexicographical demons out there).

So here’s the skinny: “curia advisari vult (the court will be advised, will consider, will deliberate).”

Now I’ve been practicing law for three months shy of 49 years, and that’s a new one on me. Which is why I love this stuff.

I could play the grubbe yung, as my late grandmother would have phrased it, and suggest that “the joint motion to submit case pursuant to rule 122 is held in abeyance” might do the trick, and unconfuse those of us unfortunates who hadn’t gone to the University of Tulsa College of Law or the University of Denver College of Law, as did Judge Paris.

But I won’t.

Nor will I prolong the agony by mentioning STJ Lewis (“Forever Lew”) Carluzzo’s blast at another designated protester.

Rather, and more fittingly, I’ll wish all y’all (as my Texican daughters and granddaughters would say) a Happy New Year.


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