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I thought they were just run-of-the-mill orders. They came out daily, and mostly read “address changed to 1.14159 Pi R Square, Yennervelt, NY” or something like that.

But now, as a more exalted personage remarked long ago, “upon them hath the light shined.”

Today, for example, we see this in an order. “ORDERED that petitioner Hanna R. Raskin’s address of record is corrected to reflect the address as provided on the petition filed October 14, 2014.” Kenneth Lee Raskin & Hanna R. Raskin, Docket No. 24206-14S, filed 12/10/15.

Used to be easy for a disgruntled spouse to find the other, once the other had filed the change of address mandated by Rule 21(b)(4). Or anyone else trying to find a Tax Court litigant. But apparently Judge Pugh has taken a better approach.

Unfortunately, Judge Nega (or his clerks) haven’t gotten the word yet. Cf. Bethany L. Caudill, 18685-14S, filed 12/10/15.



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