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Except There Was No Objection, So It Doesn’t

The self-representeds in Tax Court often remind me of the fish-in-a-barrel cliché. By the time there’s an order from the Court, it’s too late.

Here’s Walls Transportation, Inc., Docket No. 20019-15, filed 12/7/15, Ch J Michael B. (“Iron Mike”) Thornton ejecting Walls from the cab.

Walls filed its petition three (count ‘em, three) days prior to the issuance of the SNOD.

When IRS moved to dismiss (leg before wicket, to those of you who follow cricket), Walls doesn’t answer, even though Ch J Iron Mike told them to do so, before their ninety days had run out.

And remember, Ch J Iron Mike will take anything as a petition, however imperfect, if it restates the petitioner’s sad tale, is manually signed in blue ink, and is mailed before the ninety days runs out. In witness whereof, see my blogpost “The Objection Saves The Day,” 10/19/15.

I know, the people who need to see this won’t see it. But I will again, in keeping with the season, raise my voice, “the voice of him who crieth in the wilderness.”


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