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With An Addition

The following is reprinted from my blogpost “Veterans’ Day,” 11/11/14.

Tax Court is closed, of course. So here are a few personal reflections. If you want some of my tax thoughts, skip to my next blogpost.

To my brothers and sisters on active duty, good luck, Godspeed and may you all arrive home safe, and all’s well.

To my brothers and sisters, fellow veterans, thank you again. It was an honor to be among you today.

It was great to see the turnout on Fifth Avenue and hear the cheers and thanks. I wish those not present could have heard them.

It’s all too easy for me to quote Kipling or Yeats and be cynical; it’s even easier to quote Shakespeare. Ol’ Will wrote a great speech that proves to me that he was a soldier, and not an officer.

It is the most condescending, patronizing effusion I can think of. And it’s just what one would expect from a higher-up who is sending other people to be maimed (in body, mind or spirit) or killed in a war that shouldn’t have been fought.

I’ll spare you what little erudition I have.

God bless America.

My granddaughter was with me today, so we rode on the American Legion float. She’s only three years old, so I can’t tell what she thought of it all. I hope happy thoughts.


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